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7 Tips For Creating A Polished Business Image

January 18, 2020


  1. Quality counts. Instead of buying fast fashion, invest in good quality jackets, pants. dresses and skirts. Update so you show you are current and contemporary..

  2. Wear simple, clean tailored lines with a fashion twist. Edgy, feminine, polished all work. 

  3. The fit is important not too tight, not too loose, a fit that skims the body.

  4. Dark basic colours in the blue, black, grey or brown family always create a polished business look year round, but do add a pop of colour.

  5.  A necklace, earring or scarf can be the piece that creates the ‘wow’ factor. 

  6. When wearing business casual clothing remember the business component and incorporate a structured cardigan or jackets in your look.

  7. Dress for your audience to inspire confidence and credibility. A well put together outfit delivers the subtle message to who you are and what you have to offer.

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